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      How do I order?
      * Click on the "Add to Cart" button to choose products for purchase. When done shopping, click on the "checkout" button to complete your transaction.


      Is my payment information safe?
      * Absolutely! Our payment processing system is 100% secure.

      Our tech internet security team is dedicated to giving you a safe and secure shopping experience.


      When will I get my stuff?

      ** For Online Shipping Orders **

      * Once our team processes your order within 1-2 business days, Please allow within 1-3 business days, after purchase, Due to Covid-19 and the High Volume of orders and low staff available, Please allow 2-4 days for delivery. Depending on customs clearance and location of final destination some orders may take longer than others. If you are located in the Miami Area or its near surrounding counties please consider Our Fast & Free Delivery option for a faster delivery option.

      ** Online Order For Free Delivery **

      Please provide us with your location via email or text to ensure you are with in the free delivery Miami limits. Any location outside the delivery limits may be subject to a small delivery fee.


      Is order tracking available?
      * Yes! Once our team processes your order you'll be sent a tracking number.


      What are the costs of shipping?
      * Shipping rates depend on the shipping package you choose & where your package is being sent to.


      If I order multiple items, do they come in the same package?
      * Typically, multiple items come in the same packages. But separate packaging options are available depending on size and amount of items, Please inform us upon ordering if you wish to send out multiple orders in separate packaging. Email us at sales@tinaswildorchids.com

      What is your return policy?
      * If you aren't satisfied with your product, please reach out to our customer service department and we'll try and help resolve the issue. Full copies of our Return Policy and/or  Privacy Policy can be found Under the FAQ's Tab Or at the Bottom of the Footer.


      What is your contact info?
      -Should you need to contact us, Please feel free to email our support team at info@tinaswildorchids.com or Call Us at (305) 576-1460

      Our dedicated team of customer service representatives are looking forward to assisting you.




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